James Guy

Associate Pastor of Children and Families
James Guy was called to serve at Miner Baptist Church in August of 2013. James and his wife Cindy have been married since 2006, and they have 4 beautiful kiddos: Ruth, Hannah, Samuel, and Elizabeth. James and Cindy love children and believe they are a blessing from God. Cindy is a full-time mom.
James grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and graduated from Jenks High School. James graduated from Oklahoma State University and recieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration majoring in Business Management. James recieved Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior his sophomore year in college and called into ministry during his Senior year. James and Cindy met in college and were married after they graduated. They moved to Lousiville, Kentucky where James attended The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and earned a Master’s of Divinity in Christian Education.
During Seminary, James served part-time as a Youth Pastor at Hill Grove Baptist Church in Guston, Kentucky. After that, James became a member of Highview Baptist Chruch, Fegenbush Campus, in Lousiville, and served as an intern for 2 years. After graduating seminary, James was called to serve as Student Minister at First Baptist Chruch Fordyce in South Arkansas.
Now the Guy Family is excited to be called to Miner Baptist Church to serve children and families. James and Cindy believe that God calls Dads and Moms to be the primary discipler of their children in Deuteronomy 6. They believe that God desires every Home to be like a little church, with Dad as the Pastor of the Home. James believes that The Church and The Home must be partners working together for the common goal of making every child a Fully-Functional Disciple of Jesus Christ.