I was adopted from Sellers Baptist Baby Home, New Orleans, LA.  into the home of a wonderful pastor and his wife.  I had a Grandfather who was also a Pastor and many family members involved in ministry in one way or another.  Being raised in a Christian home, there was never a doubt in my mind that I was loved by both family and Jesus Christ, because it was modeled in everything that took place.   At age 8, following a revival meeting at our church, I knelt with my parents in the living room of the parsonage and gave my heart to Jesus Christ.  I began my journey with much support and encouragement to lay the ground work for my faith.  My family moved to North Louisiana where my Dad took a position with the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home in Monroe, LA.   It was a very difficult move for me and one that made many profound changes in my life.  After graduation I went to Louisiana College, Pineville, LA and majored in Sociology with a minor in Psychology.  My plans were to get my Social Work degree and maybe work in a Children’s Home setting, never planning to go into the local church ministry like my Dad and Grandfather had.  I moved to Fort Worth, TX. to begin working on a new degree the seminary offered in conjunction with North Texas State University which would give me a dual Master’s degree.  However, the Lord had other plans and near the end of my 3rd semester,  I was told I had to have 8 hours in Youth Ministry to complete the seminary side of education.  I could stay at seminary another two semesters and do that work or take a summer youth ministry internship and complete it with the Pastor of the church giving me the grade.  I chose option #2 and at the end of that summer, at Falls Creek Encampment, God clearly spoke to me directing me to surrender to full time ministry in the area of Student ministry.   I returned to the seminary and changed my course plans to Youth Counseling and a Masters of Religious Education.  For thirty plus years student ministry has been my passion and calling.  Most opportunities have been combined with other ministries such as Music, Senior Adults and Education.
      Over the past 39 years I have served in churches in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Missouri and Georgia and joined Miner baptist in June         of 2018.